Automotive Repair

Extend the life of your vehicle

Following the recommended maintenance schedule for your vehicle will help you to prevent many costly repairs over time. We can be your partner by performing this maintenance and keeping your car on the road.

 • Oil changes and manufacturer recommended service

 • Utah State safety inspection and emissions

 • Check engine light and computer diagnostics

 • Light bulb and wiper replacement

 • Electrical work

 • Flush cooling system

 • Used vehicle evaluation

Let us service your vehicle

One of the most important maintenance services for any vehicle is getting your oil changed. We offer a variety of oil types to make sure you are getting the lubrication your engine needs.


Bring your car in and we will usually get you in and out in 15 to 30 minutes. Call 801-426-9990 to make your appointment.

Quick convenient oil changes

Keeping your

car running smoothly!



"His pricing is very fair, and he will bend backwards to be sure that you're a

satisfied customer."

- Laura V.

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